How to optimise the hiring process of blue-collar employees?

The blue-collar workforce is the foundation of manufacturing industries, and having the qualitative approach of hiring workers at this level is becoming a necessity.

The conventional hiring method includes a lot of manual steps which reduce the productivity of all the stakeholders involved in the process. Thus, companies need to change the ways they hire blue-collar workforce. An online assessment tool is one of the best possible ways to hire an individual who can be the right fit for such roles while maintaining the efficiency of the stakeholders involved in the hiring process.

What is the current hiring methodology?

According to research, on average, talent acquisition professionals spend nearly 1/3 of their workweek (about 13 hours) sourcing candidates for a single role. Nearly 1 in 3 respondents spend over 20 hours.[1] This type of hiring method includes a lot of paperwork and manual tasks. Also, the HR professionals search candidates on online portals, through newspaper advertisements and posting about the opening on their company portal, etc. Consequently, the recruitment process takes many weeks in finding the perfect fit for the role.

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Why should companies prefer an online assessment tool for hiring?

The conventional methods of information gathering, such as resumes, and interviews do not often result in the desired outcomes. Research indicates that up to 78% of resumes contain misleading statements.[2] Likewise, unstructured interviews do not yield desired results.

On the contrary, properly developed and validated assessment tools help firms in hiring skilled candidates, reducing their hiring time and cost while ensuring the quality of hires. The assessment used is scientifically designed which takes the needs of the job role into account closely. Another advantage of the online assessment tool is that after the assessment, the score is generated by the system immediately & shared with the company to shortlist the candidates followed by the subsequent rounds.

What are the key parameters evaluated in a standard assessment?

Our end to end assessment solution screens candidates based on their cognitive abilities, domain knowledge and on-the-job behaviour. This screening is performed by testing a candidate’s readiness for the appropriate competencies, which are key determinants of their on-the-job performance for roles in the manufacturing sector.

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1. Cognitive – Cognitive assessments check a candidate’s learning agility, reasoning ability, problem-solving skills, attention to detail and ability to think abstractly.

2. Domain – Domain assessments are knowledge and skill-based tests which assess a candidate’s proficiency level concerning a domain. They are composed of objective items that assess the knowledge and application of concepts based on the technical competencies expected of a candidate.

3. Behavioural – Behavioural/Personality Assessments directly assess the job-specific behaviour of a person in specific situations which he/she is likely to encounter in such a job. These items serve as a real-life preview of the situations faced during the job.

An intelligent online assessment tool frees up the bandwidth of hiring managers and members of interview panels. Now, they have more time to prepare for the interviews and learn about the candidates for better decision making.

Benefits of adding an online assessment in the hiring process of Blue-collar employees

As mentioned above, online assessment tool not only streamlines the hiring process but also ensures the specific behaviour of the new employees in specific situations which he/she is likely to encounter during the job. Here are a few of the many benefits of using an online assessment tool for blue-collar hiring:

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Hence, smarter processes result in candidates that are better fit and result in saving cost and time.

Case Study:

A leading automobile firm wanted to adopt a reliable and fair method to assess temporary blue-collar workers. The aim was to sift out the properly trained workers and offer them permanent positions. They were looking for a solution which can select the deserving candidates without being biased and focused on one’s skills and knowledge. The recommended “Online Assessment Tool” seems to be the best possible solution to ensure the right hiring outcomes.

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  1. Unbiased and valid process.
  2. 500 candidates were offered from a large pool of candidates.
About the Author:

Disha has done Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and has been working for 3 years as Senior Associate – Content Development at Aon’s Assessment Solutions. She has expertise in designing technical assessments and providing hiring solutions to clients pertaining to Manufacturing and other related industries.


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