Myths about the first year of engineering college

The fact that you have made it to a reputed engineering college shows how hard you have prepared to crack the entrance exams. However, as soon as you enter the first year, you are sure to come across various myths, regarding your studies or the overall college experience. But beware they can detract you from achieving anything worthwhile.

The hype around these myths will make it impossible to survive your college years. Below are a few common myths and the tips to avoid them.

GPAs not important, only practical knowledge matters

The dangerous myth being bandied among most engineering students is that GPAs don’t matter much. However, this is not true and this can cause a lot of regrets after it’s too late to do anything about it. In this day and age, companies receive a large number of resumes and your GPA often matters during your interview, as that is the first thing the interviewer looks at. Your academic grade reflects your ‘practical knowledge’ and, hence, interviewers don’t consider GPA as just a number, but an initial screening criterion. You’re better off by not falling prey to this myth.

I can catch up later

As a first-year engineering student, you would encounter many people who will tell you that you don’t have to start worrying right from the start; there’s still a lot of time. It’s quite easy to come under the influence of peers and skip your classes. Do not listen to them, and tackle your difficulties then and there rather than procrastinating. Your school days when you had a limited syllabus and teachers to spoon-feed are behind you. Engineering college is the beginning of the real life where you must start doing things on your own. So it is advisable you stop pushing things till the last moment and start solving your problems as soon as possible. In short, if you want to survive four years of engineering, then you need to pull up your socks from the first year itself!

It is too much for me

It’s true that the first year can seem a little too overwhelming and you may feel a bit lost and stressed. There might be a time when your inner voice whispers, “you are not good enough for college, and you will not pass”. Do not pay attention to these voices; keep reminding yourself that you have great potential and if you didn’t have what it takes to succeed; you wouldn’t have reached here in the first place.

Remember to be your greatest supporter and celebrate your little achievements. Get yourself a slice of pizza or a cup of coffee for that ‘A’ on your test. The positive reinforcement will encourage you and boost your confidence.

Finally, we would like to say that when you are facing something new in life, it is natural to seek information from everywhere you can. But it is not necessary to absorb everything, just observe and don’t let these myths turn into self-limiting beliefs.

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