How to handle stress interviews?

No job is entirely free of stress. However, some jobs can be more demanding and can subject you to stressful situations on a daily basis. In such scenarios, interviewers conduct stress interviews to evaluate whether a candidate is likely to cope up with the pressure of the job.

Such an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for candidates who are appearing for it the first time. The interview process can be extremely severe and can take many forms depending on the job interview techniques and strategies used by the interviewer, the main purpose is to test the candidate’s presence of mind in stressful situations. So, what can you do to remain calm in such interviews?

Here are some tips.

Do your homework

It is easy to intimidate someone who has not done their homework, so make sure you have thoroughly researched the company, product, competitors, etc. It is often seen that candidates fumble during a stress interview and answer without thinking. To avoid this, it is recommended that you structure your thoughts by jotting down your strengths, weaknesses, and achievements. This will help you to frame your answers without any hesitation. Also, practice your answers out loud so that you can express them clearly on the D-day.

Stay calm

Do keep in mind that interviewers can be very creative when it comes to finding ways to pressurize you. Right from intentionally delaying an interview to interrupting you in the middle of an answer, they may do anything and everything to test your patience. So, make sure that you remain calm and try to refrain from getting offended. The minute you lose your cool, the interview is over.

Be objective

The interviewer may try and intimidate you to make opinion-based answers; however, you must ensure that your replies are backed by facts and reasons. Also, once you have delivered your response, don’t backtrack it even if the interviewer is trying to state that you have given an incorrect answer. Ensure that you are polite and don’t get into a heated argument.

In case you think a question is lacking any vital information, ask for clarifications rather than making unnecessary assumptions.

Be assertive

Always ensure that you do not let the interviewer intimidate you emotionally. Remember that he is there to criticize you, but you can always be assertive about your answers and politely convey why you think you are correct. Despite the interviewer’s attempts to shake your confidence, you must keep reiterating the facts to arrive at an answer. However, there is a fine line between being assertive and aggressive; make sure you don’t cross it, lest it makes matters worse.

End positively

After the interview, thank the interviewer and leave with a smile. After all, the end purpose of a stress interview is to simply test how you maintain your positivity even in a dull situation.

In a nutshell, if you do not crack under pressure and avoid being outright rude while staying assertive, the interviewer may have found a winner in you.

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