What Do Companies Look For In Technical Interviews?

64628566_2347201368708235_5380327612126068736_nOnce you’ve cleared a preliminary assessment, the next step in the process is the technical interview. Technical rounds help a company to gauge your technical ability for a role. If it’s your first job, and you are preparing for your first technical interview, here are a few things that you should know about technical rounds and what companies expect you to deliver in this round.

The technical interview is mostly conducted in three rounds. In these three rounds, companies try to gauge your problem-solving approach and the technical work that you’ve done in your college. Apart from that, they also look for:


The first round tests your core fundamentals and the only way to stand out is to get your basics cleared. So, before you go for your technical interview, make sure you review the fundamentals and computer science basics. This will allow your interviewer to assess your basic knowledge about programming. So, take your time to refresh yourself on concepts and theories which you have learned in your college.


A Facebook poll conducted by CoCubes revealed that 58% of students believe that companies often look for coding skills in a candidate. But this it isn’t entirely true, as companies’ also test how you think and solve a problem. There is no right way of solving a problem but the way you approach a problem matters. This gives an opportunity to the interviewer to understand your approach to look at the problem and how can you perform under pressure.


Interviewers always look for an honest person. So, if your interviewer gives you a problem and you don’t the answer, then tell them the truth; it’s okay to say ‘No.’ They don’t expect you to know all the answers. However, it is advisable to try to understand the problem and use your experience and knowledge to try to come up with an output. It will be completely normal even if your approach fails. The employer wants to see your attitude and how open you are to learning new things.

General Knowledge

Many companies find that students often lack general knowledge. Your technical skills matter but having only technical skills will not help you land your dream job. Companies also look for general knowledge, so go beyond your textbooks. When preparing for an interview, don’t forget to keep yourself updated with the world news and different industries. Having knowledge about world news will broaden your problem-solving skills and will help you understand how to apply those skills in the real world. Without this understanding, it becomes difficult to solve real-world problems. So, if you wish to crack your technical round, keep yourself updated with relevant and trending topics.

Poise and Confidence

Being in a high-pressure situation like a job interview might have you a little flustered but try to be calm. If you don’t understand anything, ask the interviewer. Be as clear and specific as possible; don’t try to use ambiguous words. Most importantly, if you’re stuck in a situation, try to stay calm and confident.

Apart from the above things, companies also expect their candidates to know about the company where they wish to work. So, do your homework and spend some time understanding about the company’s focus areas, the technologies they use, the kind of initiatives they are working on, etc.

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