Dos and Don’ts for Your First Virtual Interview

Dos and Donts revised_17thMayThe advent of technology has transformed the way we live, conduct business and consume content. In India, the recruitment sector has evolved. On the one hand, we have a bot to conduct an interview and on the other hand, companies are moving to video interviews. Virtual interviews offer more than just convenience, it also saves money and time of both the involved parties. As a fresher, you may have plenty of questions about interviews and when it comes to video interviews, we’re sure the list must be even longer.

We bring to you some of the dos and don’ts that will help you ace your first video interview:

Do check your internet connection and equipment beforehand:

A reliable internet connection is extremely crucial during a virtual interview. You don’t want your interview to be interrupted by lag caused due to poor net speed. Once you have sorted your internet connection, it’s vital to check if your microphone is working correctly. Another critical aspect of a video interview is ensuring the camera is placed appropriately. Webcams, a type of front camera, must be placed at an angle from which your entire face can be seen easily.

Do pay attention to the speaker:

When an interviewer is speaking to you, do pay attention to what he is saying. Although you are sitting away from the interviewer, his eyes are watching you and your body language. Therefore, if you get distracted by people or things around you, the person conducting the video is going to understand. This shows that your attention span is less or that you have a hard time being focused. Therefore, be alert.

Do maintain your posture:

Just because you are giving an interview from the comfort of your home, does not mean that you can sit the way you want. Of course, you must be seated comfortably, but do make sure your posture is correct. It does not just invoke confidence within you, but also shows your professionalism.

Don’t refrain from asking the interviewer to repeat the question:

Despite having a strong internet connection, it is likely that due to a technical glitch, you may miss some part of the question or the entire question. In such a situation, you must not hesitate to ask the interviewer to repeat the question. Alternatively, you can also reiterate the question, just to make sure you have heard and understood the question correctly. It is always better to ask and answer correctly than to misunderstand and give an incorrect or irrelevant answer.

Don’t skip the practice:

If you are not used to cameras, then you ought to practice before your interview begins. During a face to face interview, you don’t see yourself. However, in a virtual interview, you are looking at yourself. So, a good way to practice would be looking into the camera and speaking to yourself.

Don’t miss the essentials:

During an interview, you may be required to make notes or write down a few pointers. Don’t forget to have your supplies handy.

When you have all you need ready around you, it just shows how prepared you are for the interview. Thus, it increases your chances of clearing the video interview. Follow these dos and don’ts, be confident, and you are sure to ace your video interview.

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