Cracking Your First Job’s Group Discussion Round

60337686_2290458977715808_2195845941825634304_nGroup Discussion (GD) is one of the most effective techniques used by companies across the world to comprehend the candidate’s communication skills, understanding ability and attitude. Usually used for mass screening, GD is a type of a filter that helps organisations select the right candidate for the job. As a fresher, you may be nervous for your first job’s group discussion interview round, but with the right preparation and confidence, it will be a cakewalk.

Here are some tips that help you crack your first group discussion:

Be alert:

It’s incredibly crucial to be alert throughout the discussion round of the interview. Be aware of what others are saying, listen carefully, and respond thoughtfully. Depending on how alert you are, your interviewer will understand your listening and interpretation skills.

If you are not aware of a topic, it’s better to remain quiet than to bluff your way through the GD, because your interviewer knows the subject well. That’s not all, he also has the skills to tell whether a candidate is lying or speaking facts. Instead, you can listen to others carefully and find an interesting way to summarize the conversation. But make sure you give credit to the speakers whose points you are recapping. This shows how well you can comprehend and summarize.

Watch your words:

During a group discussion round, things may get out of control due to contrasting opinions, overpowering speakers, lack of understanding, and other such reasons. During such times, how you or other candidates react is what your interviewer is waiting to find out. Maintain composure and be respectful when you speak. Most importantly, don’t scream. Use polite words and control your pitch.

Make eye contact:

One of the most common mistakes that fresher’s make during a GD is speaking to the interviewer instead of the other group. Making eye contact is just as important as talking with confidence during your GD round. However, what’s more crucial is that you make eye contact with your opponent and not the GD conductor or the panel. Remember, you’re there to have a discussion, not to impress your interviewer.

Be relevant:

Another tip that will help you crack your GD is to be relevant during the discussion. Let’s say your topic is about climate change, then you must make sure you only speak on climate change and its related topics. Don’t let the conversation loose its plot. If you see that happening, make a conscious effort to bring the discussion back to the main topic. This shows your ability to lead conversations.

Attend mock GDs:

Colleges usually conduct mock group discussions to build your confidence as a fresher. Attending a mock GD will give you a fair idea of what you can expect during a group discussion and you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises. If your college does not conduct mock GDs, you along with your friends can set up a trial group discussion and start practicing.

Start or Summarize:

At some group discussions, interviewers give extra points to those who start the conversation. So, if you have a strong point to start the discussion, don’t hold back. At the same time, you need to ensure that your opening statement is solid and relevant.

A good summary is as effective as a good start. In case you can’t start the conversation, aim at concluding it. Final impact lasts.

By practicing you will learn to articulate your thoughts better, have a patient conversation, and drive meaningful conclusions. Don’t worry, group discussion is not about judging your expertise, it is all about understanding how well you grasp a topic, express yourself, and lead conversations. With these tips, you are sure to clear your group discussion!

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