Time Management During Placements

Time ManagementYour first job interview is usually lined up just after your final semester examination. This calls for simultaneous preparation at your end. However, the question that arises is which one to focus on more? The answer is both. By managing your time efficiently, you can prepare for both in such a way that your scores aren’t affected, and you clear your placement interview too. When we speak of placement interviews, the elements you need to focus on are the technical round, HR round, personality test and communication skills.

Let’s quickly get started on how to strike the right balance between studies and placement preparations.

Budget your time:

Just the way we create a monthly budget for our expenses, creating a budget for your time will help you plan effectively. While budgeting what you need to bear in mind is that you must allocate more time to the topics which require you to work hard. If logical reasoning and quantitative analysis are the areas that need extra effort, then on that day, don’t pick a tough study topic; balance one light topic with one tough topic. This way you create a balance between the two.

Disconnect to improve focus:

While social media may be a great way to refresh yourself, it is also a great distraction. Using social media consistently while preparing for your exams and first job interview can cost you your exam and/or your job. You don’t have to isolate yourself completely, but you must resist the urge of browsing through your feed frequently. Moderate use of social media is the key to achieve the perfect balance between studying and relaxing.

Strategic studying:

Studying for long hours may not be as effective as studying in parts, with short breaks. Studying for two hours, followed by a 10-minute break can help students retain more information and is one of the most effective ways of studying.

Preparing for your placement interview is important, but what’s more important is to pass the final exams to finally bag the job. You may clear your first job interview, but if you do not pass your final exams with decent marks, then chances are that you may lose your job.

So while you take out time to prepare for your job interview, make sure you dedicate the time you need to study for at least clearing your exams.

Don’t leave it for the last minute:

Many college students rely on last-minute studying. They procrastinate for as long as they can, until they finally can’t. While this may work have worked in the past, it is not a reliable way to study for your exams or prepare for your placement interview. Some skills like coding and logical reasoning cannot be learnt in a day. Consistent and regular studying will not only reduce your burden during the final preparation days but will also give you the confidence you need to clear your exam or the placement interview.

For example, if coding is your worst nightmare, you must face it and practice every day. During your placement interview, the interviewer may ask you questions about the subject and if you haven’t studied it thoroughly, you wouldn’t know the answer.

With these tips, you should be able to crack your final exams as well as your placement interview. It’s not difficult to manage these both if planned well. Learn the art of multi-tasking as it is an important skill that will help you in all walks of life.

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