The First Time Job-Seeker’s Guide to Clearing the Aptitude Test

A-FIRST-TIME-JOB-SEEKER’S-GUIDE-TO-CLEARING-AN-APTITUDE-TEST-infographic.png1An aptitude test is designed to assess your intelligence that refers to your cognitive abilities like perception, attention, memory, comprehension, use of language, problem – solving and decision making et al. It determines your overall learnability and trainability i.e. the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge to solve problems and gain proficiency in a skill largely independent of your specific academic background.

An organization conducts an aptitude test to ensure that you have basic skills and knowledge to do the desired job. Studies suggest that an aptitude test is one of the best predictors of job performance across most roles.

It majorly comprises of three sections to assess your English usage, Analytical Reasoning, and Numerical Reasoning. It has a diverse syllabus covering curriculum from grade 3 to post-graduation, hence, you must have your groundwork ready.

Now, you must be wondering, do we have to prepare for an aptitude test? Well, according to research, 71% first-time job seekers prepare for an aptitude test. Then, why should you stay behind?

If you too are going to appear for an aptitude test for your first job, then here are some tips that will help you crack the test:

Gauge the type of assessment: Depending on your job role, the components of your aptitude test may vary. For example, if you are a software engineer then you could be tested on components which majorly assess your problem-solving skills. However, if you are a marketing graduate, then you are likely to be more evaluated on your comprehension and communication skills. If we had to put things to perspective, a commerce college’s entrance test would have fundamental accounting questions. However, an arts college’s entrance test will have questions on prose and poetry.

Persistent efforts: Don’t stress over last-minute preparation. An aptitude test is about what you’ve learned so far throughout your academic years. So, don’t spend time on multiple aptitude test books at the last hour. Instead, you must understand your role, look at previous years’ papers if you have access to them, and work on the core skills and subjects related to the job. This systematic approach will help in cracking the aptitude test for your first job.

Remember: In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.

Manage your time: Once you are taking the test, don’t spend too much time on one component. Companies are always looking for candidates who are not just good at one thing but can handle multiple aspects of their job. Therefore, attempting all sections is a must. A balanced score through all sections of your aptitude test will take you closer to your first dream job. Managing time, hence, becomes a critical factor.

Nourish your brain: Your aptitude test is very similar to a marathon. You need to practice but also ensure you take proper rest, in order to perform well at the marathon, isn’t it? Treat yourself good and don’t go too hard on yourself. While it’s important that you put in your 100% in the preparation, it is equally important to allow your brain to rest properly. Therefore, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep before the day of the test. Another tip is to eat smartly. Don’t overeat as it could make you lethargic or sleepy and could disrupt your preparation timetable.

Lastly, don’t panic; have an optimistic approach. Keep your mind calm, trust your gut, and go for it. A systematic approach and dedicated practice, and following these simple tips will help you do just fine.

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