Tips for Negotiating Your Job Offer

This worksheet is designed to help you understand how to negotiate a job offer.

With this worksheet for you will learn how to prepare for a negotiation meeting, anticipate possible roadblocks before-hand, and maximize your chances of getting your dream offer and salary.

Summary:  Critical Elements of an Effective Negotiation

There are some critical elements that you need to think through before entering a negotiation meeting.

  1. Ask – The goals or desired results that you want to achieve.
  2. Trades – The stakes that both you and the interviewer are willing to exchange to reach a consensus.
  3. Possible Solutions – The range of possibilities wherein both parties reach an agreement.
  4. Alternatives – The range of options that the interviewer can exercise, in case you and he/she are unable to reach an agreement.

How to Use This Tool

The questions given below have been designed to help you effectively prepare for negotiations. Think through the answers to these questions and fill them up in the worksheet provided on the following page.

Fill your answers to questions given on the previous page to prepare for your negotiation meeting.


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