Know your core values worksheet

The worksheets on the following pages are designed by Aon CoCubes to help you identify what your core values are. Knowing your core values will help you align your behaviour with your goals, and will allow you to become a more self-driven and authentic individual.
Go through the exercises mentioned in the worksheets to learn what motivates you and drives in your life.


Our values are those principles or virtues that are deeply important to us. They make up who we are – our identity and how we look at the world. Our values drive us every day, they influence the decisions we make, the activities we decide to prioritize, and the extent to which we are willing to push ourselves to achieve a particular goal.

They underpin every major decision and most of the minor ones.  Thus, uncovering and understanding our values (whether empowering or limiting values) is the single most powerful thing we can do for ourselves and is at the very heart of self-development and performance improvement.

Here’s a comprehensive list of 108 core values that most people have:


How to Fill This Worksheet

Review the 15 values that you wrote down in Page 2. Determine from those 15 values, what are your top 6 core values. Once, you have selected your top 6 core values; rank each value in order of importance. An illustrative example has been done for you.


How to Fill This Worksheet

The questions given below have been designed to help you identify your core values. Think through the answers to these questions and fill those up in the worksheet given below (refer to the table on page 1 if you need help in identifying your values).

Take a few minutes or so and make a list of the 15 things that are important to you in your life. You can write them as statements or as values (as shown below).


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