Want to Create a Social Media Profile That Attracts Recruiters? Here Are 4 Ways!

Aon CoCubes recently shortlisted a suitable candidate for an IT analyst role. However, before we could extend him an offer letter, our hiring manager showed us some of the anti-racial tweets he had posted on Twitter. As an equal opportunity employer with zero tolerance for discrimination, we realized that the candidate won’t be a good fit for our organization and decided to let him go.
Can a recruiter gauge this from a candidate’s CV or one-on-one interview? Probably not. Which is why, an increasing number of companies are now reading social media posts and viewing social media profiles of candidates before selecting them. 46% of participating companies from last year’s Aon India Talent Acquisition Study said that they were increasingly using social media for short-listing candidates.
So how can you build a social media presence that attracts recruiters? Here are four ways:

  1. Showcase Your Personality on Facebook/Twitter
    Your Facebook or Twitter profile should reflect your vibe, personality, and interests. Upload photos or share posts that reflect your authentic self and make your personality fit with a company’s culture and ethics. For instance, if you are interested in travel or cooking, showcasing your interests on social media through a Facebook page or an Instagram handle, or a blog. Highlighting your interest through these social media profiles shows you are a passionate and consistent individual. Similarly, if you volunteer for a non-profit or feel strongly about a cause, share your work/views on your Facebook profile, and Twitter handle.
  2. Build a Robust LinkedIn Profile
    If you haven’t created a LinkedIn profile yet; invest some time in building one. According to an ADWEEK survey, 48% of employers do view a candidate’s LinkedIn profile while screening them. Even for college students, LinkedIn has a ton of features that you can use, such as uploading your project and dissertation reports, highlighting your internship or volunteer work experience, and showcasing recommendations from your University professors and internship project managers. You can also use our LinkedIn Profile Builder tool to get started on how to build your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Delete All Inappropriate and Controversial Content
    Delete all inappropriate or heart-break photos/posts that you have uploaded or are tagged in from your social media. Second, remove all controversial comments and posts that you have posted on your profile. For instance, radical religious and political views, jokes on sensitive topics such as gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. Since most companies have strict diversity, equal opportunity, and apolitical employee policies, doing so will ensure you are not red flagged by the recruiting manager.
  4. Search Yourself on Google
    Finally, before you apply for a job, search yourself on Google. Check out the top 2 pages of content that Google showcases as well as pictures of you that Google has indexed in its image search results. You can also use “Google alert” or “Me on the Web” to stay updated whenever someone is mentioning you on social media or uploading something about you on social media.

To summarize our thoughts above, remember that an organization is not just listening to what you say in an interview anymore. They are interested in knowing what you are saying on social media to your peers as well. Thus, you should pay attention to what you are sharing on social media and build a favorable persona that makes organizations want to hire you.

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